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Many homeowners are losing energy and money because they are not aware of where their home is leaking air, whether they have the proper insulation or they are not taking advantage of renewable resources. Dr. Energy Saver (N.E. Illinois) provides complete home energy audits that help with exactly this! Renewable energy is something that people often overlook because they think that it’s not a possibility for their home, or it’s too expensive. In actuality, many homes are the perfect candidate for a solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system. Additionally, air sealing and the proper amount of insulation is an easy and cost-effective way to save on utility bills for years to come.

Photovoltaic Systems – Solar Energy

A solar PV system will generate free electricity wherever the sun is shining. When there is a period of low electricity demand, you may even generate more electricity than your home is consuming. Depending on the size of your solar PV system, you may reduce your electric bill by 40-80%. The sun will continue to come up and shine making solar energy the ultimate renewable resource. It creates nonpolluting energy that is universally available for anyone to take advantage of. There have been many advances in solar PV technology, which is causing the cost of solar cells to come down and making solar energy a more realistic option for many homeowners.

But don’t forget: solar energy is just one component to your overall home energy saving plan. Without proper air sealing, levels of insulation, and more, your home could still be wasting energy and money. It’s important to take steps towards reducing energy consumption before considering the use of solar energy.

Air Sealing and Insulation

Improved air-tightness and adequate levels of insulation in your home help reduce the amount of energy you’re consuming. This will reduce your home’s utility bills as well. Air sealing is something that may be noticed when you walk by an exterior door and there’s a small draft, or even when you feel cool air coming in around your windows in the winter. A complete home energy audit will help you identify exactly where your home is leaking air and make sure these leaks are sealed.

Air sealing improves your home’s overall comfort and keeps your HVAC system from overworking because it’s trying to keep the temperature in your home consistent. Another advantage of air sealing is improved indoor air quality. When your home’s envelope is tightly sealed, this reduces moisture, dust, pollen and pests that may have otherwise been a problem.

After air sealing is complete, it’s important to reduce heat flow with the appropriate amount of insulation. This will also help to reduce energy consumption and set the stage for solar energy production. Insulation is measured in R-value, where the R represents the resistance to heat flow for a specific insulating material. Injection foam, blown-in insulation, cellulose insulation, and rigid foam insulation, are each suitable choices for different applications. Your local insulation contractor will have the expertise to suggest the best type for your specific case.

For more information about solar energy and photovoltaic systems, air sealing, or home insulation, contact Dr. Energy Saver (N.E. Illinois). They have the training and resources to complete a comprehensive home energy audit and determine where you could save the most energy and money. Be aware of the possibility that you could be losing energy and be paying too much for your utilities. Contact us and make energy saving changes in your Illinois home today!

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