AC Repair and Insulation Go Hand-in-Hand

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The summer months often bring unwanted heat into our homes, and it’s time to take some action. Do you have an air conditioning unit that needs repair? Well, this repair is most beneficial and long-lasting when your home insulation is upgraded too. Kennihan’s Dr. Energy Saver has all the energy-saving solutions you need! They offer AC repair and will make sure your home is sufficiently and properly insulated to keep your home a comfortable temperature throughout the summer.

Insulation Upgrade

Upgrading your home’s insulation is essential. Insulation slows the flow of heat, so in the summer, it acts as a barrier against heat entering your home through the walls, floor, attic, basement, or even garage. There are many different types of insulation materials including blown-in, cellulose, and rigid foam. Although this is true, they are all measured by their resistance to heat flow, or R-value. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation is at keeping heat from entering or leaving your house.

Blown-in insulation is a good upgrade for your attic. It is a cost-effective upgrade to any home because it can be installed over existing insulation to add R-value and is maintenance free. Cellulose insulation is installed the same way blown insulation is installed. This type of insulation is typically referred to as “super green,” because it’s made from recycled materials such as newspaper. It is also a good choice for attic insulation and is commonly used for wall cavities and other enclosed spaces as well. In order to install cellulose, a small hole about 2 inches in diameter must be drilled so that the insulation can be injected into the wall.

Rigid foam is another option for insulating a home. Dr. Energy Saver’s SuperAttic™ insulation system utilizes SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation that is perfect for homeowners looking to insulate their attic while creating a clean, neat, and more open attic space. This insulation system is extremely energy efficient because it has a high R-value and eliminates energy-wasting leaks in your attic at the same time.

AC Repair

Your air conditioner is meant to keep your home cool during the summer; so if it’s not working correctly, you could be facing a very uncomfortable situation. Your local air conditioning contractor is available to service or repair any type of air conditioning including ductless, portable, or central air. Kennihan’s Dr. Energy Saver offers air conditioner repair service throughout Western Pennsylvania that is fast and effective.

Your air conditioning repair will prove most beneficial when in conjunction with the appropriate amount and type of insulation. Don’t be uncomfortable all summer because of a broken air conditioner or insufficient insulation. Contact Kennihan’s Dr. Energy Saver today! They have the expertise to help guarantee a comfortable, energy-efficient home in the Greater Butler area of Pennsylvania.

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