Staying Cool in the Summer While Saving Money

Jun 24, 2013 by

The hot summer months are upon us and homeowners everywhere are turning their air conditioning on and way up.  Although this may seem like the solution to a boiling house, many times you’re spending too much money to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  Here a few ways to keep cool this summer while spending less.

Rules of the AC

If your home is hot, you want to turn on the air conditioning, right?  Well, the first step to staying cool and saving money is making sure your AC unit is the appropriate size and the right type for your home.

When an air conditioning unit is too large for a home, it usually will turn on, quickly cool the space, and shut off.  Then, as the house heats up again it will turn back on and cycle through this the entire day.  As a result, your AC is using more energy, and therefore costing you more money to continually be turning on and off when the appropriate size would run to keep the home’s temperature consistent and not have to power up all the time.  If you have an air conditioning unit that is too small, it will likely run non-stop day and night, also costing you more money than you should be spending to keep the house cool.

Ventilation and your home 

It’s important to know the difference between uncontrolled and controlled ventilation in your home.  When it comes down to it, this could make all the difference in the cost of your utility bills this summer.  Even if you have sufficient insulation, the proper-sized air conditioner, and are deliberately taking steps to save energy, unwanted ventilation (i.e. air leaks) can drastically make your home less comfortable and will make it much more expensive to keep cool during the summer.

By sealing any air leaks throughout your house, you are already off to a cooler, more energy-efficient house.  “Passive” ventilation is the most desired type of ventilation.  It is the most energy efficient because no electricity is necessary and it simply requires opening windows to allow the hottest air to rise naturally and escape through openings upstairs, while cooler air is drawn into the house through windows on lower floors.

Evaporative cooling option

An evaporative cooling system is an alternative to using an air conditioning unit.  This “low-tech” method works similarly to the way the human body cools itself.  Warm exterior air is blown through a dampened pad or heat exchanger, and the airstream cools as the moisture evaporates into it.  This system is not always ideal because it requires frequent maintenance and continually consumes water while operating, but it consumes less energy than cooling with an AC system, therefore saving you money while staying cool.

We are your local home energy experts

For more information about spending less to keep your home cool this summer, contact your local Dr. Energy Saver contractor.  They have the training and technology to diagnose your home’s areas of energy loss, and will recommend improvements that will lower your home’s energy bills and improve comfort when it’s hot (and cold!).

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