Why Insulating Your Home in the Summer is a Must

May 14, 2013 by

It may surprise you, but duct sealing and insulating your home during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the winter.

Most homes do not have proper insulation and are losing valuable energy during the summertime. If you find yourself closing off rooms in your house because they get too hot, your home could be “under-insulated.” A certified, trained professional can help you locate the real source of your energy problems, before you spend money on a larger air conditioner that you don’t need.

A home energy audit is the first step in finding a solution that will help increase the comfort level in your home and even save you money on monthly utility bills. A professional can suggest the most important repairs, including the best home insulation. Taking the time to address home energy problems before the hottest months of the year can save you valuable energy and money, not to mention time and frustration. Proper duct sealing and insulation will ensure that your home is comfortable in each room year round and will keep you from needlessly overspending. Remember, just because you see the pink fluffy stuff doesn’t mean that you have all the insulation you need to keep you warm during wintertime and cool during the summer.

Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is committed to providing efficient and affordable home energy solutions, while taking into consideration each customer’s needs and budget. In addition to being home insulation experts, they are also dedicated to high-quality customer service. They can help pinpoint every area of your home’s energy loss so that changes can be made to make your house more comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year.

As Maryland’s professional home energy improvement company, they serve Columbia, Severna, Annapolis, and Harwood, as well as surrounding areas throughout the state.

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  1. Mark

    It’s really a considerable thing that a certified, trained professional can help to locate the real source of energy problems, before you spend money on a larger air conditioner that you don’t need. You have shared a great tip for saving valuable energy and money.

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