Why Insulate in the Summer?

Apr 23, 2013 by

Did you know that there are factors in your attic, basement and crawl spaces that can affect the air inside your home, even with central air conditioning? If the saying goes, that “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes more than an air conditioner to cool and keep a comfortable home. What does this mean? There are many factors that come into play when considering what it will take to cool your home and keep the temperatures evenly comfortable throughout.

The temperature in your attic for instance, can affect the temperature throughout your home. Your home gains the most amount of heat through the attic and the dark hot roof during summer months. If this is truly the case, you have to ask yourself whether your attic is properly sealed and insulated. Insulation is not just that pink fluffy (and itchy) stuff that you worry about in the cold winter months. It’s not just about fixing it and forgetting about it. Insulation is equally important a factor in keeping your home cool in the summer, as it is to keep your home energy efficient in the winter.

A common misconception is that as long as the air conditioner is working then it must be doing its job. Some homeowners will even upgrade their air conditioners to bigger models, because, they say that the unit cannot keep up with the demand. They think it must be that the air conditioner is too small for the house, and therefore, that is why it is always so uncomfortable inside, even though the air is always on. What most homeowners don’t realize is that there could be additional contributing factors involved.

If there are parts of your home that are very uncomfortable in the heat of the summer, then this could be the first sign of an energy deficiency. Most homeowners tend to believe that energy bills rise, because the temperatures rise in the summer. While that may be the case, it does not mean that you need to choose between eating and keeping the house cool. There is no need to go broke in the summer, just because it’s hot.

If your home is properly insulated then it becomes more energy efficient in both winter and summer months. If your home is energy efficient, it will be far less expensive to keep your home comfortable. Calling in a professional to inspect your home may be the answer to more affordable home cooling.

The experts at Dr. Energy Saver have years of experience in the field, state-of-the-art training and the best products and equipment to provide solutions for all of your energy needs. They know what it takes to get the job done right. Energy efficiency is what they do – that’s why you can count on them to provide proven and trusted energy efficient solutions for your home.

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