Insulating Your Home In The Summer?

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Did you know that the insulation in your home is just as important in the summertime, as it is during the winter months? Preparing your home for the hot summer months is oftentimes overlooked by homeowners. Most of us tend to think about that pink fluffy stuff as something that should keep us warm in the cold winter months. The problem with that thinking is that most homes do not have adequate insulation to begin with, and therefore, will lose valuable energy come summertime.

If you can feel heat radiating through cracks in the doorways and/or around the windows, it might be time to reconsider the insulation materials installed around the home. If you find that there are some rooms in your home which remain closed off because of the heat, then its time to address these problems. Since most homes are “under-insulated”, proper insulation improvements are almost always required to improve home comfort. If you can properly insulate your home, then you will increase your usable space and cut down on your energy bills.

Calling in the experts to conduct a home energy audit is the first step to finding out what beneficial solutions are available for your home insulation needs. The professionals at Dr. Energy Saver Bergen are trained and certified by the best in the business, while also providing first-class quality products and service. Their comprehensive home energy audit is designed to pinpoint the source of your largest energy problems.

They will evaluate the efficiency of your home energy systems and provide a custom made plan to solve for any inefficiency or home discomfort you’re experiencing. Their comprehensive energy evaluation will help determine if each room in your home sustains the same temperature. If not, they will check all areas within that room until they find whatever the cause of the problem is and then advise the most beneficial solutions for your home.

The best plan for insulating the home is to insulate before the hot weather hits and enjoy a more comfortable home all year around. Dr. Energy Saver Bergen prides itself as a very customer conscious company providing quality customer service. They will work closely with the customer to provide positive solutions while also carefully considering their budget.

Dr. Energy Saver Bergen proudly serves Wayne, Pompton Plains, Pequannock, Pompton Lakes, Oakland, Franklin Lakes, Mahwah, Ramsey, Wyckoff, Midland Park, Hawthorne, Ridgewood and surrounding areas.

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    If you don’t have any or it has been a while since you installed it, adding to your roof insulation can really help with summer cooling bills. This should be the first step for anyone looking to improve efficiency. Good quality roof insulation can cut the temperature inside your house by several degrees in summer.

    After that, look into blocking light from getting through your windows by tinting them, installing awnings or using solar blinds.

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