You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide, From Mother Nature!

Feb 15, 2013 by

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” No, this is not an article about the 1940’s Christmas song! In case you have not noticed, it really IS cold outside! It does not matter where you live in the country right now; the temperatures all over the states are recording lower than normal temperatures. So much for global warming!

This is especially true for the southern half of the United States who are used to recording hot temperatures in the winter, while the Northeast is usually below freezing. As the Northeast deals with their traditional snowy weather, the Southeast has dealt with its own “cold” problems. Florida farmers have even had to spray water on their crops to protect them from freeze damage.

Just because you live in Florida doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to heat your home. Many “snow-birds” who migrate to the Sunshine State and other southern states travel with the hope that they will never need to turn the heat on again. While that may be true most of the time, there are times, even in Florida, when a heating system is required.

As they say, you can never predict what Mother Nature will bring our way! That being said, the residents of Florida have had their own concerns with keeping their homes comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Whatever the reason, the experts at Mid-Florida Heating and Air are always there to help.

As a full service heating and cooling company, they are your one stop resource for home comfort. Mid-Florida Heating and Air has been serving Central Florida homeowners and businesses for decades. They are an energy conscious, full service HVAC and electrical company that can address all of your energy needs, including solar systems!

Your Experienced HVAC Company

Their top priority is to make your home and/or business as comfortable a living space as possible, while helping to reduce your energy costs. They are greater Gainesville’s experienced and trusted, full service, customer conscious heating and cooling experts.

Mid-Florida Heating and Air proudly serves Gainesville, Saint Augustine,Orange Park and the surrounding areas. They are rated with better business bureau.

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