Thinking of Some Spring Home Improvements?

Feb 25, 2013 by

Finally the warm weather is on its way! For many homeowners, this is the time when they start thinking about home improvements; many find themselves thinking the need to make drastic improvements to their home, such as purchasing expensive new windows. The fact is you do not need to embark on such a large project, like purchasing brand new windows to ensure your home is energy efficient. There is a much simpler way to be cost efficient. For instance, an easier and much more affordable alternative is to have your home’s windows air sealed and insulated. Let’s face it, simpler is better. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time and money enjoying the summer?

Basement insulation is a popular topic during the extreme weather months. Many homeowners are looking to improve home energy performance. This can be done and money can be saved simply by adding insulation in parts of your home. The process of air sealing includes sealing up the leaks in a building to limit the amount of air that can leak through the cracks of the structure. Air sealing will also help reduce the amount of unconditioned air that leaks in from the outside. So why is it important to air seal or insulate your home? Many homes today are guilty of having three times the amount of air leakages than building experts recommend. This is not conducive for energy efficiency and top air quality. When you have excessive air leaking, you have money leaking right out of your home! Air leaks will just allow outside air in and cost you more. The warm air in your home rises naturally because of convection, just like a hot air balloon rises. As the air escapes out of your home through the top floor, a matching amount of air is replaced in the lower floors, like your home’s basement. This is called the “stack effect,” and largely contributes to energy loss and your home’s high utility bills.

Proper home insulation is just as important for money savings during the hot weather as it is in the colder months. Performing air sealing and/or adding insulation to your home’s windows will help you to save significant money on air conditioning bills, and will also help to make the inside of your home more comfortable during hot summer months. It is important to seek help from a professional when trying to make a decision on a home improvement project such as this. Call a trained technician that can determine if your home is properly insulation and where improvements can be made. A specialist can help choose upgrades that will save you money and give you the greatest return on investment. They also use specialized tools such as a thermal imaging camera that can quickly and easily locate air leaks so that you can start saving today!

Contact your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer and find out if air sealing or upgrading your insulation is a good fit for your family’s home.

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