Add Comfort & Efficiency to your Family’s Home with Air Sealing and Insulation

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Most homeowner’s are aware of the fact that heat spreads out to fill where it is depleted. It is also a fact that during wintertime, the heat in your home moves naturally from the inside to the outside. During hot summer months, heats moves in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, this can make areas inside the house uncomfortably hot or cold. Don’t worry, there is some good news! Home insulation will slow the flow of heat, saving you and your family some money and also help to make your home much more energy efficient!

In today’s economy, with everyone’s wallet being so tight, people are always looking for ways to save money. Saving money on energy can lead to extra cash on hand for the fun things you and your family love to enjoy. Does saving money and having more fun with your family sound like a good idea to you? Utilizing of all the energy saving options available to you is great way to take full advantage of your money and your home’s potential. Having your home inspected for air leaks and proper insulation is an excellent way to do just that!

Installing insulation correctly is extremely important. Any type of insulation you choose will be ineffective if it is not properly installed in your home by a trained professional. If insulation is moist or installed with gaps, its performance drops significantly. In addition, it is important to know that air sealing and insulation go hand-in-hand. Making sure to seal the leaks in your home is an extremely important part of the process and an essential energy-saving technique that should be done alongside your insulation upgrade. A home that does not have proper air sealing will allow heat to pass through the insulation, destroying any energy-saving value that the insulation might have. It is also very important to seal air leaks before installing your insulation. In homes with existing insulation, insulation will often need to be shifted out of the way in order to uncover attic air leaks. A blower door test can be performed to help uncover spots where heat and air are leaking into your attic. Materials such as sealants, caps to fit over can lights, and spray foam can be used to make sure not to miss any air leaks.

It’s a fact: most homes are not insulated correctly. As a result of handling, installation techniques and performance characteristics, one type of insulation can easily perform better than another. In addition, insulation costs vary. Let’s be sure not to waste energy and spend money needlessly. Improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level can be as simple upgrading the insulation and performing some air sealing!

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