Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Dec 17, 2012 by

This year’s cold season is upon us and with that comes the time to protect our homes from the cold. Installing insulation in your home is the best way to keep the bitter cold out and the conditioned, hot air in. A huge benefit of home insulation, aside from trapping heat inside your home, is the savings on your heating bill. Insulating your home can save you and your family hundreds of dollars every month. Saving money is important to many homeowners, especially in today’s economy. Homeowners are constantly searching for ways to save money and insulating your home can save you much more money than you think. It is a money saving tip that many have not thought of. Sadly, most homes are not adequately insulated. Losing money on heat lose in your home does not have to be a problem! Look into some new insulation for your family’s home. Don’t waste time and money in your home with insufficient insulation.

There are a few key things to know about heat and insulation. The first- heat always spreads out to fill in where it is depleted. This means that in the wintertime heat moves naturally from inside to outside. To address this condition, insulation and air-sealing are used together. They combine to seal leaks and save energy throughout the home. Unless effective air-sealing is installed, heat can move by convection through most types of insulation, which would counter act its energy saving value.

There is good news! A comprehensive Home Energy Audit can be provided to homeowners. This procedure will help you determine the best ways to seal air leaks that exist in your home. Air leaks are prominent around your ducts, windows, attic, and other areas of your home as well. Have you ever left a window open in your home? If you are guilty of this, then I am sure you are well aware of how much heat can be lost through an opening in your home. I am betting you were kicking yourself and braced for the worst when the utility bill arrived. Your home’s furnace had to use extra fuel to keep up and maintain your homes temperature. The thing so many homeowners do not realize is that improper insulation can be just as damaging to your wallet as an open window in your home.

Heat is sneaky and it can find its way out of your home. The heat in your home slips out through gaps, holes, and cracks in your home. Many of which you are most likely completely unaware of. Luckily, these issues can be easily detected by performing a home energy audit. This will help find out where the leaks are and the quantity of air that is being lost out of your home. The winter and holiday season is here. Now is the time to start saving that cash for something other than wasted heat. I think we can agree your money is better spent elsewhere. Do your wallet a favor and look into a Home Energy Audit and start saving on your utility bills today.

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