Why Attic Insulation is Important

Nov 14, 2012 by

Whether or not a homeowner’s attic is properly insulated isn’t always their top priority. But maybe it should be. We all know heat rides and if there is inadequate or no insulation in your attic, heat is probably leaking out through gaps. The insulation in your attic or lack thereof can significantly impact your utility bills—especially during the winter season. There are several factors that contribute to the effect attic insulation can have on your home’s energy efficiency.

Why Is It So Cold During the Winter?

During the cold winter months, we usually think nothing of turning up the thermostat to keep our home a more comfortable temperature. Most homes aren’t designed to be airtight. This means a large amount of the heated air your heating system is blowing into your home is actually rising and settling into your attic. Once there, the air will cool from being trapped in an improperly or un-insulated area and drift back downstairs, forcing the freshly heated air back up. This cycle will continue indefinitely and will seep the heat from your home.

No Matter What, My House is Always Hot

A poorly insulated attic is devastating to your heating bills during the winter but it can be just as vicious during the summer months. Attics can get overwhelmingly hot during the summer, reaching temperatures as high as 150 degrees. This heat will warm the entire structure of your home, sometimes making your ceilings feel warm to the touch. The heat from the attic will cause your air conditioner unit to work harder, increasing your energy bill and wear on the air conditioner itself.

Protect Your Family and Belongings

A poorly or un-insulated attic can also damage personal belongings, especially if its used as a storage area. The hot, dark environment of an attic is a veritable breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria like mold and mildew. The bacteria could spread to your wood and what insulation you may already have. Most building material, like wood, soaks up the heat and then radiates it back. With little or no insulation to keep your ceiling’s structure cool, that heat will radiate back down into your home.

Energy Efficiency Saves You Money

Increasing or adding insulation in your attic along with the sealing of any air leaks will not only keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, but it will save you money. Air sealing is critical to help your home’s insulation perform at its optimum R-value. It’s been estimated that insulating your attic by the recommended levels can cut your heating and cooling costs by 20 percent or more.

The bottom line is simple: insulating your attic will not only keep you and your loved ones more comfortable, but it will also save you money and practically pay for itself. Most homeowners recoup the cost of insulating their homes in as little as five years with their energy savings on utilities. Contact the highly trained team of experts at Dr. Energy Saver Fairfax for your free home energy audit and start saving money on those utility bills today. Call us at 1-540-628-2128!

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